Microsoft Exchange is a service for email, calendaring, and contacts. Most faculty and staff, except some who are employed by COAS, Engineering (COE), or Science (COS), have a Microsoft Exchange email account at OSU as part of a full suite productivity solution. Most OSU staff use their Exchange address, with the domain, as their primarily email address.

Most staff use the Microsoft Outlook client on their computer or mobile device to access the Microsoft Exchange service.

Differences Between Exchange and ONID Accounts

  • If you have an Exchange account, you will probably use it, rather than your ONID account, as your primary account to send and receive email. (You may forward your ONID email to your Exchange account.)
  • When accessing Exchange resources, users are asked for a username and a password that are not the same as for an ONID account.
  • Whereas the OSU Computer Helpdesk provides support for your ONID account, your department employs separate staff to support your Exchange account.