The conferencing options from Information Services range from the simple to the robust. If you're not sure which option you need, please complete our service questionnaire so we can provide the best solution for your needs.

Information Services provides professional, high quality solutions that improve upon consumer software. For example, rather than use Skype on your desktop for a media interview, you can schedule our studio in Kidder for a high-quality Skype session.

Conferencing Options (click links for details) Examples
Audio Conferencing is a telephone (audio only) conference call among multiple locations. • Phone interview
Desktop Videoconferencing lets you interact with people from your computer or device. • 1-on-1 video meetings
High quality connection from Media Services
Room Videoconferencing lets you interact with people using a designated room equipped with cameras, audio systems, and technology to display documents. • Extension offices meeting
• Online course delivery
Streaming is a live or recorded audio and video feed of a meeting or an event. Public lecture
• Campus event
Webinars let you deliver presentations to audiences from a desktop computer. Webinars may be prerecorded, while live sessions let you take questions from the audience. Software training
• Research presentations
Integrated Conferencing Services blend options and add services to reach the maximum audience with the right level of interaction and pricing.