Desktop videoconferencing lets you interact with people from your computer or device. It is very common thanks to the ubiquity of applications such as Skype and iChat. It can be used at no financial cost but quality can vary.

For situations where quality is a key factor — for example, when making a media appearance — contact Information Services at 541-737-2121 about using the studio facilities in Kidder Hall. We have the bandwidth and the equipment appropriate for such needs.

Meanwhile, the attributes below apply to standard, personal videoconferencing from your own computer.


  • Free basic software and connectivity over the Internet.
  • Can also connect to landline phones for a fee.
  • Compatible with multiple platforms.
  • Relatively simple to use.


  • Lack of preparation can result in poor call/video/audio quality.
  • Considerably high connection speed required by both parties for quality video connection.
  • Client must be installed on both ends and both users must be subscribed to the service.

Max Participants

  • 2 (multi-site capabilities available with licensing fees).


  • Free for basic connectivity.
  • Costs for advanced features vary by application.


  • For high-quality, media-ready videoconferencing, please contact Media Services via email or via phone at 541-737-2121.
desktop videoconferencing

For Successful Use

  • Maintain a wired (rather than wireless) network connection on a high speed network.
  • Use a high quality camera.
  • Stay near the microphone.
  • Employ ample lighting.