Room videoconferencing is a way for groups of persons in multiple locations to interact via video and audio.

Room videoconferencing generally occurs in designated rooms that are equipped with cameras, audio systems and presentation technology. IT staff are typically on hand to run the technology, which leaves you free to concentrate on the discussion.


  • Allows you to see and hear conference participants and converse in real time.
  • The event can be recorded and archived for later viewing.
  • This technology is suited for events in small or large rooms.
  • Multiple presentation technologies may be incorporated into the conference.


  • Quality interactions are dependent upon room design and proper integration of presentation media — some locations may not be optimal.
  • On-campus rooms and remote sites require advanced scheduling.

Max Participants

  • Participation is limited by size and media setup of the rooms and by the number of remote locations.
  • Interaction among multiple sites benefits if the conversation is moderated.


  • There may be a charge for use of videoconferencing rooms.
  • Fees apply for use of the OSU conferencing bridge when multiple sites are connected.
  • Connections between two points are free and do not require the bridge.
  • Some videoconferencing units are equipped with an internal bridge which can connect 4 sites without extra cost.


  • Your department's IT consultant (DCA)
  • Media Services via email or via phone at 541-737-2121

Room videoconferencing

For Successful Use

  • Establish connections with remote sites 15-30 minutes before the meeting start time to ensure a sound connection, camera zoom, etc.
  • Conduct a rehearsal if a formal presentation will be run by more than one site.
  • Speak clearly and project your voice to ensure you're heard.