For Successful Use

  • Market event to remote audiences.
  • Schedule with Media Services for video production and streaming. Contact us at 541-737-2121.
  • Identify moderator for Internet chat from remote audiences.
  • Plan for any additional video production charges.

Streaming can refer to a live audio and video feed of a meeting or an event, such as a lecture at LaSells Stewart Center, or it can refer to a recorded feed.

MediaSpace is OSU's cloud-based solution for archiving media for on-demand viewing.


  • A good method for extending presentations or events to a larger audience unable to attend onsite.
  • Events can be recorded and made available for on-demand viewing.
  • Live interaction generally provided through Internet chat allowing remotes sites to participate in the event.


  • Event must be hosted in a videoconferencing room, or media equipment must be set up in the origination site to produce the event for distribution.
  • Live interaction with remote audiences is generally provided through Internet chat; the interaction is not always seamless.

Max Participants

  • Streaming servers set limits on number of computers accessing the stream.
  • OSU's default limit is set to 100 viewers. The number can be scaled up to meet demand.


  • $26.00 for first hour and $10 for additional hours.
  • Charges may be incurred for media production and room use.


  • Media Services via email or via phone at 541-737-2121

MediaSpace is a hosted service that allows you to upload and share videos. It's basically like a YouTube exclusively for the OSU community. Faculty, staff and students may upload media content themselves to the MediaSpace servers and then share the media via public websites and direct links or as embeds into Blackboard or Drupal pages.

MediaSpace (sometimes typed, erroneously, as Media Space) lets everyone with an ONID account to begin using MediaSpace.

Instructors may contact Technology Across the Curriculum (TAC) for consulting on integrating your videos into your Blackboard courses and enhancing your pedagogical strategies.

MediaSpace 101 - A Tutorial

This MediaSpace tutorial is itself hosted on MediaSpace. View this video at full screen for best results.