A webinar is a web based application for delivering presentations to audiences over a computer. Webinars are used to deliver information, online training materials, learning modules, and user desktop sharing. All can occur in real time or be recorded for later viewing. Presenters may choose audio-only or video-based formats.


  • Good method for sharing computer presentations among individuals at different locations.
  • Allows sharing of files and can view files live in the online "meeting space."


  • A slow connection will affect the presentation.
  • For audio interaction, users must use a headset with microphone or use a phone bridge.
  • Difficult to use in group situations.

Max Participants

  • Adobe Connect: 100 (including hosts' computers).


  • $150 for an Adobe Connect license per year which includes voice over IP and limited video functionality.
  • A phone bridging option exists via Premier Global at a costs of $.06 per user per minute.


  • Your department's IT consultant (DCA).
  • OSU Extension manages annual Adobe Connect Licensing. Contact them at 541-737-4130.
  • Consulting support is provided by Media Services. Contact them via email or via phone at 541-737-2121.
Adobe Connect screenshot

For Successful Use

  • Rehearse your presentation.
  • Preload the presentation and documents.
  • Let participants know preferred method of communication (text-only chat, video, etc).