Instructors may request that we install software in one of our computing labs or in the Virtual Computing Lab.

Process & Requirements for Instructors

  • Fill out the request form below two (2) weeks prior to the time the software is needed
  • Deliver any software installation media or provide download information two (2) weeks prior to the time the software is needed
  • Provide proof of valid licences and number of licenses avalible for us to use
  • Provide all installation documentation

Software delivered with shorter lead time will be installed on a first-come, first-served basis with an installation period of up to 2 weeks.

Testing Requirements & Support Information

  • Instructors will be notified when their software is installed and ready to test.
  • Information Services staff will perform basic functional testing on the installed software; e.g. starting and stopping the program, and saving and loading of very basic data.  Since we do not have expertise in software products used in particular classes, it's the instructor's responsibility to test the software features to be used in the class or homework assignments.  We will be happy to work with you on this as time allows.
  • Software installed in a computing lab / facility should be tested at least 48 hours prior to their first class to make sure it is working according to their needs.
  • Software installed in our virtual computer lab should be tested at least one (1) week prior to their first class to make sure it is working according to their needs.
  • On-site lab attendants can assist users with general computer problems and supported software; however, they will not be specifically trained in the usage of installed class software. The only form of support available to students requesting assistance on the class software will be the publicly-available documentation.  Further questions will be referred to the class instructor or department, as appropriate.
  • If an instructor wishes to install software that needs frequent updates, data revisions, etc, special arrangements may be made. Please contact the Facility Manager or associated staff.

Software Installation Request Form

If it is a site license (i.e. unlimited) please type in "Site." Please make sure you have enough current licenses to cover the requested number of installations.
A local expert we could contact in case problems arise with the software.
Someone who can answer questions about licensing, versions and upgrades (e.g. department head, office manager, DCA)
When will students begin using the software?
(Optional) If you would like the software removed after the class is complete, please provide the date here.
Install Locations
How will you make the software installation media available to Information Services?