• You must have taken the Data Warehouse Basics course and completed the FERPA Tutorial
  • You must have Enrollment Management, Advisor, or Head Advisor level access in SIS Banner
  • You must have a working knowledge of the OSU policies and the SIS Banner course content
  • You must have a completed and approved Request for Access form on file

Training Format

Workshop (3.5 hours)

Note: Off-campus access to this content for OSU and affiliate users requires VPN software.


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This workshop is for the Banner Student Information System (SIS) user who requires access to preformatted administrative reports and/or will develop ad-hoc queries and reports in the SIS Data Warehouse. The presentation includes SIS Data Warehouse confidentiality issues and model orientation, followed by demonstration and practice in using the model. The focus of the hands-on portion will be on exploring and modifying the Administrative reports, and introducing the SIS data through exploratory queries, query techniques, and query refinement for Student system reporting. Data Warehouse Extras is recommended (but not required) for SIS Data Warehouse users who develop complex queries.

Note: You must complete this workshop to receive SIS Data Warehouse access.