Student Multimedia Services has a modest inventory of QRL (Qualitative Research Lab) laptops available to graduate students pursuing off-site research projects that require specific access to mobile computing capabilities. Faculty advisor approval and a demonstrated research statement outlining the need for a university laptop as applied to project success is required. When available, laptops are available for the duration of the research project, up to an academic term. Upon request, user-provided & licensed software can be installed at the discretion of an SMS Administrator. SMS does not backup profile information or preserve user data.

QRL laptops may be requested via a QRL Research Laptop Form, with final approval determined by an SMS Administrator. Laptops are available to currently enrolled students pursuing graduate research projects. 

Please note: The QRL Program is not designed to provide continual access to university computing resources for consecutive academic terms during the course of a graduate program.

QRL Research Laptop Form is required to access the QRL computers.

All late fees ($25 per day/per kit) are assessed to OSU accounts.