• Clicker
  • Power Cable
  • VGA Cable
  • *Additional adapters available

The Hitachi CP X2020 Data Projector has inputs for, and the ability to display, composite video, s-video,  and RGB video sources.

Here is how to use the Hitachi CP X2020 Data Projector:

  • Your computer must have appropriate drivers installed so it can communicate with a projector.
  • Place projector on a solid surface and point it at a projection screen.
  • Connect computer, or other source, to appropriate input on the projector.
  • Plug the projector into AC power and set POWER switch to ON.
  • Press STANDBY/ON button to turn projector on.
  • If correct video is not projected, press INPUT button until the appropriate input is selected.
  • Adjust elevator feet, if necessary, to center image on projection screen.
  • To turn power off, press STANDY/ON button twice. After lamp cools projector will turn off.