Multimedia Tips, Tricks, and Tutorials

Final Cut Pro X 10.1:

Starting a Project:

Video and Audio Effects:

How to Export:

Adding Titles and Graphics:

Understanding and Importing Audio:

Editing Footage and Transitions:

Importing Footage:

Managing Project Files:

​​​​​​​iMovie 10:

Opening and Starting a Project:

How and Where to Export:

Adding Video and Audio Effects:

Audio Levels:

Titles and Graphics:

Cutting, Editing, and Transitions:

Importing Media:

Managing Project Files:

​​​​​​​Canon HFR32

​​​​​​​Setting the White Balance:

Setting the Exposure:

Formatting the Hard Drive:

Canon M32 HD Camera

Setting the Video Recording Quality:

Setting the Shutter Speed:

Setting the Audio Recording Levels:

​​​​​​​Operating a Zoom H1 Digital Voice Recorder:

Basic 3-Point Lighting in the SMS Studio: