Excepting College of Business courses (see below), every course at OSU now has its own Exchange email address. These class addresses are actually email 'groups' and contain the ONID email address of every student in the course. An instructor can quickly and easily contact everyone currently enrolled in the class by sending an email to the course address and adding new members to the group.

On the first day of each term the email groups are automatically created from course lists in Banner. Instructors are automatically given permission to send and receive group email. By default, instructors are only allowed to send group email from their ONID email address.

Login & Help

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I don't know my ONID login name and password?
If you have never signed up for ONID, or have forgotten your ONID password, visit the ONID homepage. To sign up for ONID, click on the "Sign Up For ONID" link in the top left. To change a forgotten password, click on the "Change Password" link in the top left.

Why was my message to my class list rejected?
By default, only the instructor of a course can send to the list, and only from their ONID email address. If you are the instructor for a course and need to send to a list from another email address, click on the link above to manage your list. Login with your ONID credentials, and then add your other email address as a sender.

Why can't I add my email address as a sender?
Your email address must be in the Exchange Global Address Book in order for you to add it as an approved sender on your class list. Contact your Department Computer Administrator to get your email address added to the Exchange Global Address Book.

How do I remove a Sender that I added manually?
All senders that you have added manually are now displayed. You can remove one by clicking on the person's name.

How do I remove a Member that I added manually?
We have not implemented this feature yet, but we hope to make it available soon.

Where are the College of Business classes?
The College of Business uses a different process to create class groups. In order to avoid confusion, we are not creating ONID class groups for Business classes. If you are a Business instructor, please contact your college for more information about class groups.

I added my TA as a sender. Why don't they receive mail sent to the list?
Adding someone as a sender is not the same as adding them as a member. If you want someone to be able to send to a list AND receive mail sent to a list, add them as both a sender and a member.

Will the changes I make to my class groups now be saved for next term?
No. All group configuration changes and memberships are reset at the end of the term, because a given course may be taught by a different instructor in the next term. If you make custom changes to your class groups one term, you will need to make those changes again at the beginning of the next term.

Can I get a list of the members on my class lists?
The list memberships are hidden in the Exchange Global Address Book to protect student privacy. To obtain a list of members in your classes, visit Blackboard or the OSU Online Services page.