May 13, 2013

Information Services is pleased to announce that Oregon State University is an early U.S. adopter of eduroam, a federated roaming access service for the academic community that enables mobility and collaboration.

In plainer terms, eduroam is like a large, worldwide wireless hotspot for higher education. When OSU students or faculty visit a participating member of the federation – the University of Illinois at Chicago, for example – they can use their OSU eduroam credentials to access the Internet rather than request access to that university's wireless network.

The reverse is true: a visiting researcher from one of the participating universities can use their own username and password to use OSU's wireless network and need not arrange for a temporary OSU account.

As OSU is an early adopter by U.S. standards, the number of institutions with whom we are partnering is currently limited. Opportunities will grow as more universities join the federation.

How the OSU Community Can Use Eduroam

The first step is to login to eduroam while you're on the OSU campus. Eduroam will be visible as a wireless network to devices from anywhere that OSU's main wireless networks are available.

After you accept the security certificate, use your OSU ONID username and password to establish a wireless connection, which should be entered in the following format:

Password: ONID password

You may then use eduroam at a participating eduroam institution. A map of participating institutions can be found at eduroam's U.S. website.

For additional details and screenshots, please access Helpdocs for eduroam.

How Visitors Login to Eduroam at OSU

Persons from participating eduroam institutions may establish a wireless connection at OSU using their own university's eduroam credentials.

Eduroam will be visible as a wireless network to devices from anywhere that OSU’s main wireless networks are available. Visitors will need to accept OSU's security certificate. The eduroam connection uses the same WPA2 encryption used by OSU_Secure.



What is eduroam?

This 90 second video explains.