We can all play a part in greening IT to reduce our environmental impact. Learn how here!

At a broad level, Oregon State University is dedicated to formulating strategies that balance sustainable environmental, energy, and economic systems. We can all play a part in reducing the environmental impact of information technology! For example, OSU currently reuses or recycles all computer equipment on campus.

OSU was recently featured in an article on cloud computing in Campus Technology magazine. Read the article.

The following tips provide information about ways you can reduce your computing impact on the environment.

tips for students, faculty, and staff on lab usage

Computer Lab Management

Spring, 2012

The College of Engineering (COE) IT group has been actively working to improve energy efficiency by developing tools to better manage the 14 COE computer labs. See how their working model can apply to other labs on campus.
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Archive of Greening IT Tips

About the Greening IT Project

Greening IT is an initiative to reduce the environmental impact of information technology at OSU. The Greening IT group provides value to the OSU community through outreach education and reducing university expenditures in electricity, paper, HVAC, toner, and equipment purchases. Learn more about the Greening IT team and current projects.