Greening ITThe Charge

Greening IT is an initiative to reduce the environmental impact of information technology at OSU. The Greening IT group provides value to the OSU community through outreach education and reducing university expenditures in electricity, paper, HVAC, toner, and equipment purchases.

Lucas Friedrichsen, IT Manager with Information Services, is leading a broad task force to explore the interests, issues, practical concerns, and technical concerns associated with "greening" information technology. The group is comprised of members that have a passion for sustainability and reducing OSU's impact on the environment.

The Process

The task force uses the 80/20 concept to select topics that have the largest impact across the university. Using that mantra, committee members research problems or processes and develop best practices to share with the OSU community, the IT community, and beyond. For example, methods to reduce paper and toner usage by all members of the community is one of the first areas under investigation.

The current, ongoing topics are:

Targeted communications will be emailed to OSU associates and posted to the website on a regular basis. Communications will be derived from industry and academic research and from projects that committee members lead.

Additionally, a website to educate the OSU community on steps that individuals can take to reduce their computing impact on the environment is now online.

Task Force Members

  • Lucas Friedrichsen, Information Services (chair)
    • Education awareness campaign
  • Brandon Trelstad, Facilities Services
    • Education awareness campaign
  • Keith Price, College of Engineering
    • Computer lab management and power conservation
  • Gabe Williams, Student Affairs
    • Data center efficiency
  • Curt Onstott, Crop and Soil Science
    • Data center efficiency
  • Brian Staffenson, University Housing and Dining Services
    • Paper usage reduction