Maintain Replacement

On March 7th, 2015, Information Services will replace Maintain with Cyder as our central IP address management (IPAM) solution. This new software will bring a revamped web interface, and more robust and extendable back-end design. This will allow us to deploy new functionality like IPv6 allocation/support, a RESTful API, DNS views, and more.

The process to migrate and verify data from Maintain will begin at 10am Saturday, 3/7. We anticipate this process taking a minimum of 4 hours, but possibly as long as 8 hours. During this time, the following services will be unavailable:

  • Access to Maintain or Cyder web interface to make DNS/DHCP changes.
  • Wireless mac address self-registration (wireless access and authentication will not be impacted)

If you need to make emergency DNS/DHCP changes during this time, please email us at or call 7-4710.

How to Access

Production site (not yet available):

Test/development site:

Wireless Registration Changes

Maintain currently provides a wireless self-registration facility for OSU_Access. This will be updated with a new site at in concert with the migration to Cyder. Users will be automatically directed to the appropriate self-registration page after deployment.



For those with direct access to Maintain's MySQL database, you will need to transition your systems/applications/scripts to use Cyder's API. If you have not been notified about this previously, details are available at the links noted below. Access to Maintain's database will NOT be removed immediately after the 3/7 deployment. An additional notice will be sent when this database is finally removed and access revoked. Please note that the Maintain database will cease to be updated after Cyder is deployed.

For detailed information about the API, see: