Information Services is responsible for the management of the campus-wide email infrastructure. We provide mail relaying, spam and virus filtering, Microsoft Exchange mailboxes, mailing lists, and more.

Microsoft Exchange Mailbox Hosting

We provide a fee-based mailbox-hosting service to approximately 4,500 users campus-wide. We do not provide account administration; that task is delegated to the Department Computer Administrator (DCA) for the department. If your department does not have a DCA to manage account and mailbox administration and support, you should consider using the Community Network service.

Billing and technical information can be found on our Microsoft Exchange Mailbox Hosting page.

NEW: Exchange Online Archiving

Exchange Online Archiving is an email storage option that has been implemented for Exchange accounts allowing messages to be quickly and easily archived to simplify mailbox quota management. This solution utilizes server-side storage that works in a similar manner to the traditional Personal Folders (PST) files most of us are used to. The advantage with this approach is that the archive is backed-up nightly, can have messages moved into it automatically, and is available within Webmail so it can be accessed from off campus. Information and instructions for using Exchange Online Archiving.

NEW: Internet Calendar Publishing for Exchange

This newly enabled feature on the Exchange servers gives individuals the ability to publish their calendar online. Once enabled people can see your current appointments via the web. This can be useful if you have a need for individuals on campus, off campus, or even people outside of the university to view your calendar. Learn how to publish your Exchange calendar online.

Email Lists (Mailman)

We host email lists for discussion, classes, information distribution, or any other use, so long as the purpose of the list is for OSU-related business. Additional information and list administration (such as creating and managing your lists) is available at