Information Services offers low-cost, fault-tolerant VMware Virtual Machine hosting. Both of our systems use VMware ESX and Dell 2950 PowerEdge servers. You can get individual VMware Virtual Machines starting at just $60.00/Month, or we can implement a customized dedicated VMware server environment to meet your needs.

We provide you with a base Linux or Windows Operating System, either 32bit or 64bit, on VMware ESX hosts along with VMware HA (High Availability) on Dell PowerEdge servers connected to 4GB fiber array disks. We can take snapshots of your VM before you apply updates or install applications to test. Once testing is done please contact us to remove the snapshots, as they are for temporary uses and are not to be used as a backup service.

We can install Windows Server 2003/2008, Debian, Red Hat Enterprise Linux or SUSE Linux. You would need to purchase an OS license or provide proof of ownership.

VM Pricing

Our monthly fee covers:

  • Ongoing hardware replacement and upgrades
  • VMware service and patching of ESX hosts
  • Annual software licensing and maintenance
  • FTE to support the service

Owners of the VMs are responsible for:

  • Performing your own OS patching and updates
  • Performing your own backups

As an alternative to performing your own backups, Information Services offers server backup services for an additional cost.

Processor Capacity Memory Disk Storage Base Cost
1 CPU 512 MB up to 1024 up to 40 GB $60.00/mo
2 CPUs 2 GB RAM up to 80 GB $90.00/mo
4 CPUs 3 GB RAM and up up to 200 GB $125.00/mo