The Cyder implementation planned for March 22, 2014 has been delayed. An updated implementation date will be posted to this page and communicated directly to DCAs and Maintain Zone admins.

In Spring 2014, Information Services will replace Maintain with Cyder as our central IP address management solution. This new software will bring a revamped web interface, and more robust and extendable back-end design. This will allow us to deploy new functionality like IPv6 allocation/support, a RESTful API, DNS views, and more.

We're in the final stages of development and focused on feature parity between Maintain and Cyder. However, some functionality will be lacking at release. Additional features beyond what Maintain offered will have lower priority until we've matched Maintain. Included below is a list of major features and their estimated completion schedule.

Anticipated ready by release:
-API Read-only
-New wireless self-registration system
-Bulk interface move
-Interface expiration

End of Summer 2014:
-Other bulk operations (container moves, user permissions cloning)
-Last seen
-Audit History
-CSV mail/export from web interface

Changes since inital preview release:
-Related interface list now excludes interfaces with blank MAC addresses
-Range lists now include type column (static/dynamic)
-Range names migrated/shown
-Added combined static/dynamic interface view to System section called 'Interfaces'
-Properly migrate Interfaces to Legacy VRF, Campus site
-Overhauled inventory attribute creation/editing/storage
-Range usage displayed, and updated correctly now
-MAC address field on forms no longer mangles entries
-VRF/Site/VLAN/Network detail views show more related data
-Numerous bug fixes and UI tweaks/enhancements

Note: this list is not exhaustive and has been truncated to only include changes relevant to DCAs.

Preview site available here:
Source code available here: