Learning Platform Services provides technical, operational and user support for Learn@OregonState, OSU’s dynamic learning ecosystem that allows the OSU community to manage a broad array of teaching and learning resources in one succinct space. Learning Platform Services works closely with faculty and students to ensure Learn@OregonState remains dynamic and aligned to OSU’s teaching and learning mission.

Learning Platform Services provides the following:

Canvas is a learning management system (LMS), which is a Web-based platform for course material, assignments, grades, communication, and all activities related to teaching and learning. Canvas is used for all modalities of courses taught at Oregon State University: traditional face-to-face, hybrid, Ecampus online, and continuing education courses.

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Clickers, also known as audience response sytems are wireless hand-held devices used to conduct student participation in the classroom, often to credit attendance and measure understanding. The instructor poses questions via a slide during the lecture and students respond by entering their answer on their clicker device. The device transmits the entry to a receiver attached to the instructor's computer which gathers and compiles the data into a chart. This chart can be instantly displayed on screen, along with the correct answer choice. This provides both student and instructor with valuable real time feedback.

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Kaltura is Oregon State University’s video delivery platform. It can be accessed through a variety of methods, including MediaSpace and Canvas. Kaltura is a cloud service whose purpose is the storage and delivery of media – video, audio, and photographs.

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Turnitin is plagiarism detection software, built right into Canvas.

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