Blackboard is OSU's Learning Management System (LMS). It can be a virtual classroom, or it can augment the in-person classroom experience. Blackboard allows instructors to administer tests and quizzes, post grades and lecture notes, and host discussion boards. Through Blackboard, students are able to contact their instructors and classmates, keep a calendar, and maintain an address book.

Login to Blackboard

Use your ONID username and password to login to Blackboard at

Help for Students

Help for Instructors

Instructors have an array of tutorials and training resources available. If you're not yet a Blackboard pro, you can become one in short order.

Tutorials & Documentation

Human Support

  • Technology Across the Curriculum (TAC) provides advanced training, pedagogical consulting, and even quick Blackboard how-tos. In addition to Blackboard training, the TAC team also offers tutorials, workshops, and one-on-one sessions throughout the calendar year on technology in the classroom, clickers & PowerPoint, social and immersive media, and more. Call them at 541-737-3811 or visit their website.
  • Your IT Support person – otherwise known as your Departmental Computer Administrator (DCA) – should be a good resource for basic questions about Blackboard, and you may also call the student consultants at the OSU Computer Helpdesk at 541-737-3474 for quick "how-tos".