The OSU Lecture Capture Systems offer a flexible and scalable solution for capturing and posting lectures to Blackboard for later review and use by students.

The systems record media projected in the class along with audio of the instructor's lecture. The media are automatically processed and posted into the course's Blackboard site by the following morning.

9 classrooms are currently equipped with a lecture capture system and more will be rolled out over time.

How To Reserve an Enhanced Classrooms With Lecture Capture

  1. Request a room reservation via the Office of the Registrar's webviewer at The webviewer also contains additional details about room equipment and configurations.
  2. You will receive a reservation confirmation.
  3. After you receive confirmation, schedule a lecture capture recording by clicking on the room name below.
  4. Our IT Consultants will then help complete the scheduling process and guide you through the use of the captured lectures.

We also support over 100 Enhanced Classrooms that do not include Lecture Capture. Get the full list here.

Room Capacity Seating Style
Cordley 1109 226 Tiered / Fixed Arm Touch Panel
Cordley 2113 77 Movable Tablet Arm Touch Panel
Gilfillan Aud 299 Tiered / Fixed Arm Touch Panel
Kelley 1001 70 Tiered / Fixed Tables Touch Panel
Linus Pauling 125 180 Tiered / Fixed Arm Touch Panel
Milam Auditorium (026) 615 Tiered / Fixed Arm Touch Panel
Nash 206 85 Fixed Tablet Arm Touch Panel
Pharmacy 305 155 Tiered / Fixed Arm Touch Panel
Weigand 115 217 Tiered / Fixed Arm Touch Panel
Wilkison 108 65 Movable Tablet Arm Touch Panel