Teaching stations in the general purpose enhanced classrooms are equipped with an iMac computer running Windows 7 and OS X. Instructors may boot up the operating system that they prefer. Microsoft Office 2010/2011, a secure telnet application, and a web browser are installed on the computer. Additional licensed software, provided by the instructor, can be loaded as needed. The computer also has a "wireless mouse" allowing the presenter to move about the room during presentations.

Instructions & Demonstrations

When you first come to the teaching station the touch panel will most likely be darkened; this is the energy saving mode. Simply touch the panel for it to become active. After the panel becomes active, you will see this screen.

Please note that the touch panel has five buttons on the left and on the right side of the touch screen. These buttons are active when the VCR and DVD are selected which will be covered later. Now touch the panel as the screen says.

Instructional Videos

Touch Panel Technology Operation

Button Panel Technology Operation

LCD Cart Technology Operation

iMac Computer Operation

WolfVision Digital Visualizer