Why download expensive or resource-intensive software apps if you can launch them for free? With RemoteApps, members of the OSU community can access over 50 OSU-hosted Windows apps for coursework and research.

RemoteApps replaces the Umbrella virtual computing environment.

How to Connect

Whether you're using a Mac, Windows, iOS or Android device, just use Microsoft Remote Desktop software to access OSU RemoteApps — anytime, anywhere.

Once you've installed the Microsoft Remote Desktop app, you may configure it to access OSU RemoteApps, per the setup instructions on Helpdocs.

How to Save Files

The apps you launch in RemoteApps run on an OSU server. You'll need to save the files you create to your ONID space (2 GB maximum).

If you want to send that file elsewhere – for example, via email or Blackboard – you'll then need to access your Home Directory to transfer your files from your ONID space to your own computer.


  • Microsoft Remote Desktop works only on Mac OS X 10.6.8 or newer, Windows Vista and above, iOS, and Android. As of December 14, 2013, an app was not availabe for the Windows Phone.
  • Licensing restrictions limit the number of people who can access the software simultaneously.
  • You may only be logged into RemoteApps on one device simultaneously. For example, you'll need to log off from a laptop session in order to access RemoteApps via a tablet.