Social Media Development

Please access the TAC Calendar for training opportunities in social media.  The TAC team is also available for consulting on how to enhance your reach using social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. 

Immersive Media, Second Life, and Beaver Island

Immersive media allow the user to experience a virtual, 3D representation of either an imaginary or actual environment. Second Life is an immersive platform that allows users to explore, interact with each other, communicate, trade, and create space within the world.

Oregon State University's plot of virtual reality called Beaver Island is designed to support educational projects and institutional values. Some of the experiences you will find on Beaver Island include:

  • Cultural centers
  • Disability simulation and information
  • Residence hall samples
  • TAC educational resources
  • Media Services information and lab
  • Experimental classrooms
  • Memorial Union (MU)

For more information, please access TAC's informational site on Beaver Island.