December 14, 2011

The release of the iOSU app for the iPhone marks the most significant milestone yet for the mobile app development program at Central Web Services, and it reflects the group's long-term strategy of fostering learning, innovation, collaboration, and enterprise in the OSU community.

iPhone users can download iOSU for free at the iTunes App Store. The app helps you get an OSU phone number, find a building, catch up on what's happening, watch videos, and more.

iOSU began as a student project in the School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. The proof of concept was then brought to CWS and Web Communications, the project sponsors, who subsequently collaborated with student developers to reengineer the code, enhance accessibility, and add new features.

A Sustainable, Long-Term Approach to Mobile App Development

Central Web Services (CWS) made the crucial decision to establish a direct relationship with the App Store. Although this involved a lot of time and paperwork, this channel will allow developers throughout the OSU community to bring new iOS apps to market. And because OSU owns the codebase for iOSU, developers can easily repurpose and access the code without needing to reengage a third-party vendor.

Overall, the iOSU program team has created a sustainable, long-term approach to mobile app development. The team plans to develop apps for other platforms as well as additional iPhone apps.

CWS and the OSU Student iPhone Club continue to maintain iOSU and are actively recruiting beta testers. Join the beta test team and be among the first to experience new features before they're released to the public. Student and staff app developers are encouraged to contact CWS for more information about available opportunities and resources.