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All of the most popular online tools you use everyday.

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Search the OSU Web

Find useful tools and resources available on Oregon State University websites.

Campus Dining

Know what dining centers are open, where they are, and what's on the menu.

Course Information

Have your class schedule, discussions, and grades at the ready.

Keep Organized

Add class schedules and community events to your mobile calendar.

Stay Up to Date

Find useful tools and resources available on Oregon State University websites.

Find People

Search the directory for OSU faculty, staff, and students.

Be Prepared

Stay safe and healthy with emergency numbers and other support contacts.


Don’t be late for class! The bus schedule gets you there on time.

Get Hired

Connect with on-campus and off-campus jobs, internships, and part-time opportunities.

Social Media

Be a part of Beaver Nation with links to social media.

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OSU Mobile brings together all of the tools you use everyday and puts them on your mobile device.

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Available at launch on iOS and Android, OSU Mobile is ready for your devices.

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With your help, OSU Mobile is always improving and adding features. Please reach out to us with your comments and questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why are you creating this app?

A: To create a unified mobile experience to accomplish a variety of day-to day tasks previously only available via a desktop web browser.

Q: Is OSU Mobile available for my device?

A: At launch, OSU Mobile wil be available on iOS and Android devices.

Q: How did you choose the platform for the app?

A: The platform OSU Mobile is built on was chosen due to its flexibility, ease and quickness of development, and variety of integrations into existing OSU systems and procedures.

Q: Can/Why can't OSU Mobile do ______?

A: We are constantly working to add features and improve the user experience of OSU Mobile. In order to do this, we need your feedback to build the best possible mobile experience.

Q: What about the OSU Guidebook, how is OSU Mobile different?


  • We are working closely with the Division of Student Affairs (who have been coordinating the OSU Guide app) to manage the transition between these two services.
  • There will be some crossover; we will continue to use the OSU guide this academic year, especially with first-year students.
  • Some of the content/functionality that you currently see in the OSU Guide app will be transitioned to OSU Mobile over time.
  • Some Guidebooks will likely be carried in to the future and will continue to stand alone. I know that some groups that use Guidebook feel that it’s a great platform for events.
  • The OSU Mobile platform will offer improved functionality versus Guidebook (transactional capability, directory, etc)
  • The OSU Mobile apps are a centrally provided offering with centralized support. In many ways the service is the result of a cross-campus partnership.

Q: When will the app be available for Android?

A: The app will be available in the Google Play Store soon. Thank you for your patience while we work to bring the best possible OSU Mobile experience to Android.


Though we have worked hard to make sure that everything works just right, please note that the student data included in this app is unofficial. For official academic records, use myOSU or contact the Office of the Registrar. If you notice a problem, please contact us via the support links in the app.