Department Unit(s) Coordinator Contact Phone
JoLynn O'Hearn
4-H Foundation Laura Campbell 541-737-1302
4-H Youth Development; Extension Family & Community Health Pati Craven 541-737-1324
Academic Programs, Assessment, and Accreditation Beverly Dirks 541-737-7463
Academic Provost and Affairs Sara Daly 541-737-0732
Academic Success & Engagement, Enrollment Management Joy Jorgensen 541-737-6166
Academic Success Center Janine Kobel 541-737-7969
Academic Technology Diane Cooper 541-737-2120
Admissions, Office of  Yuliya Kharitonova 541-737-8097
Ag. Admin. Sandy Sears 541-737-5911
Ag. and Resource Economics Cheryl Hoflich 541-737-1398
Ag. Education/General Agriculture Amy White 541-737-2661
Ag. Sciences Student Advancement Gretchen Cuevas 541-737-2405
Air Force Studies Lauri Potter 541-737-3291
Animal and Rangeland Sciences Otila Zuschlag 541-737-1890
Anthropology; School of Language, Culture, and Society Karen Mills 541-737-3847
AquaFish CRSP Cindi Claflin 541-737-7718
Art, Speech Communication, New Media Communications Loril Chandler 541-737-5003
Athletics Christina Adams 541-737-2457
Audit Services, Office of Rita Brown 541-737-5547
Biochemistry and Biophysics Dina Stoneman 541-737-1830
Biological & Ecological Engineering Jennifer Cohen 541-737-2041
Biological & Population Health Sciences; KidSpirit; Nutrition & Exercise Sciences Debi Rothermund 541-737-3324
Botany and Plant Pathology Blaine Baker 541-737-5265
Budget and Fiscal Planning Karren Cholewinski 541-737-8247 
Business Affairs Janet Ekholm 541-737-9275
Business Affairs-Cashiers Charlotte Hughbank 541-737-5862
Business Affairs-Financial Accounting and Analysis Stephanie Smith 541-737-1825
Business Affairs-Post Award Administration Barbie Gee 541-737-4711
Business Affairs-Student Accts & Student Loans Zeah Seeber 541-737-0638
Business Center, Ag & Marine Sciences Kim Howard 541-737-1948
Business Center, Arts & Sciences  Penny Pinard 541-737-0903
Business Center, Auxiliaries & Activities Scott Lommers 541-737-2010
Business Center, Business & Engineering Lindsay Phoenix 541-737-4501
Business Center, Health Sciences Tom Fenske 541-737-5681
Business Center, University Administrative John DeVoe 541-737-1284
Business, College of Kim Calder 541-737-4033
Business, College of Noelle Cummings 541-737-6053
Campus Operations Keahi McFadden 541-737-7345
Campus Operations Christine Atwood 541-737-3102
Career Services; Healthy Campus Initiative Mike Mays 541-737-0520
Center for Genome Research & Biocomputing Jeannine Cropley 541-737-3678
Center for the Humanities Joy Futrell 541-737-2450
Center for Writing & Learning/WIC Jeanna Towns 541-737-2930
CEOAS Melinda Jensen 541-737-1238
CEOAS Biana Weatherford 541-737-3504
CEOAS Angela Dammen 541-737-5193
Chemical, Biological, & Environmental Engineering Charlotte Williams 541-737-2491
Chemistry Paula Christie 541-737-1681
Child Care Center (Beaver Beginnings) Chris Riggan 541-737-4640
Childcare and Family Resources Amy Luhn 541-737-4906
Civil & Construction Engineering Cindy Olson 541-737-4934
Civil & Construction Engineering; Ocean Engineering; Wave Research Lab Kathy Westberg 541-737-1786 
College Forests Carol Carlson 541-737-2483
College of Engineering Renie Ashbaugh 541-737-8876
College of Public Health and Human Sciences Michelle Mahana 541-737-3256
College of Public Health and Human Sciences Advising Debbie Jensen 541-737-8900
Controller's Office; Internal Audit Division/OUS Christy Farm 541-737-8417
Counseling & Psychological Services (CAPS) Patsy Vaughn 541-737-2131
Crop & Soil Science Emmalie Goodwin 541-737-5093
Crop & Soil Science (Ag Life) Tracy Mitzel 541-737-5712
Crop & Soil Science Foundation Seed Julie Hendrix 541-737-5764
Dean of Students Debby Widony 541-737-9035
Design & Human Environment German Rodriguez 541-737-3796
Disability Access Services Cindy Franklin 541-737-4098
Ecampus (OSU Extended Campus) Elizabeth Thomas 541-737-9224
Economics Tara Stacy 541-737-1467
Education Kristin Kinman 541-737-3739
Educational Opportunities Program Marilyn Stewart 541-737-3930
Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Colisse Franklin 541-737-8293
Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Todd Shechter 541-737-6171
English Language Institute Lois Knutson 541-737-2464
English; Writing, Literature and Film Aurora Terhune 541-737-4167
Enterprise Computing Services Karen Brown
Environmental & Molecular Toxicology Susan Atkisson 541-737-1762
Environmental & Molecular Toxicology - NPIC Kaci Buhl 541-737-8330
Environmental & Molecular Toxicology - NPIC Cameron Carlson 541-737-9201
Environmental Health Sciences Center Lisa Shepard 541-737-1884
Environmental Health Sciences Center Susan Perkins 541-737-3608
Environmental Science Torri Givigliano 541-737-3705
Equity & Inclusion Jennifer Almquist 541-737-0866
Ethnic Studies; Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies Leonora Rianda 541-737-0709
Extension & Experiment Station Communications Debbie Sayer 541-737-0796
Extension Administration Denise Ashley 541-737-1385
Extension Energy Joe Junker 541-737-5034
Extension Sea Grant Cathy McBride 541-737-8692
Extension Service Operations Center Lisa Gillis 541-737-0703
Facilities Services, GCA, Radiation Safety Office, Transportation Services Martin Norred 541-737-4040
Faculty Senate Vickie Nunnemaker 541-737-6268
Family Study Center (Bates Hall); Human Development & Family Sciences Sandra Frye 541-737-4992
Finance & Administration Melanie Rose 541-737-2447
Financial Aid Donna Evans 541-737-0762
Fisheries & Wildlife; Oak Creek Lab Holly Bell 541-737-4531
Food Science and Technology Linda Hoyser 541-737-6487
Forest Engineering & Resource Management Angela Haney 541-737-1348
Forestry Business Office, Forestry Richardson Hall Roger Admiral 541-737-3163
Forestry Ext/Sustainable Forestry & Forestry Education (OFEP) Janey Lee 541-737-1727
Forestry Media Center David Zahler 541-737-1346
Forestry Purchasing, Forestry Shop Rand Sether 541-737-4275
Forestry Student Services Office Brooke Clair 541-737-1593
Forest Eco Systems & Society  Misty Labahn 541-737-1484
General Counsel Naomi Horne 541-737-2474
Government Relations Heather Bene 541-737-4514
Graduate School Megan Ferris 541-737-1456
Greenhouse Operations Judy Cochran 541-737-2381
Hallie Ford Center Patty Jackson 541-737-3673
Hatfield Marine Science Center Chelle Boswell 541-737-0307
History, Philosophy and Religion Heather Stinger 541-737-3421
Horticulture Lee Ann Julson 541-737-5480
Human Resources Elizabeth Newcombe 541-737-0551
ID Center Valerie Cooley 541-737-0555
Institute for Natural Resources; Institute for Water & Watersheds Julie Bain 541-737-9918
Institutional Research, Office of Kim Deininger 541-737-9600
Integrated Plant Protection Center (IPPC) Linda Parks 541-737-6273
Integrative Biology Tara Bevandich 541-737-5536
Intercultural Student Services Maleah Harris 541-737-9034
International Programs (OSU) May Fanning 541-737-6350
International Programs (OUS) Jandi Sorbo 541-737-6460
INTO Laurie LeRiche 541-737-8899
IT Infrastructure Services Patty Zetzman 541-737-7878
Kiewit Center for Infrastructure and Transportation Research Nancy Brickman 541-737-4273
Laboratory Animal Resources Bonnie Taylor 541-737-2263
Liberal Arts Administration Laurie Wyant 541-737-0561
Liberal Arts, Dean’s Office Suzanne Grey 541-737-8809
Library; Archives; OSU Press Don Frier 541-737-4633
Linus Pauling Institute Barbara McVicar 541-737-5076
Marine Mammal Institute (HMSC) Minda Stiles 541-867-0202
Marine/Freshwater Biomedical Center Sandra Segna 541-737-6530
Mathematics Lisa Rogers 541-737-5133
Mechanical, Industrial, and Manufacturing Engineering Phyllis Helvie 541-737-5237
Memorial Union Cindy Garmon 541-737-9823
Memorial Union Stephen Gay 541-737-9824
Memorial Union Jason Klohk 541-737-9824
Microbiology Sally Tatala 541-737-1827
Military Science/Army ROTC Cindy Rossi 541-737-3511
Music Laura Tilley 541-737-5590
Music Krystal Canales 541-737-7618
Naval Science Sue Plagmann 541-737-6289
New Student Programs & Family Outreach Donna Gibbs 541-737-0611
News & Communication Services; Research Communications Larry Pribyl 541-737-3817
Northwest National Marine Renewable Energy Center (NNMREC) Brenda Langley 541-737-6138
OPB/KOAC Roger Domingues 541-737-4313
OSU Beaver Store, Inc. Chris Rowley 541-737-0090
OSU Board of Trustees Marcia Stuart 541-737-3449
OSU Board of Trustees Mark Huey 541-737-8260
OSU Cascades Campus Sandie Franklin 541-322-3108
OSU Cascades Campus Alisa Humphrey 541-322-3195
OSU Cascades Campus Apolo Aguirre 541-322-2054
OSU Foundation Brian Bauder 541-737-7774
Pharmacy, College of Patty Beaumont 541-737-5796
Philosophy Lois Robertson 541-737-5651
Physics Erin Mustard 541-737-4355
Political Science Betu Case 541-737-5589
Printing & Mailing Ryan Winklepleck 541-737-4712
Psychology Shirley Mann 541-737-1360
Public Policy, School of Sherry Faller-Crowson 541-737-6270
Public Safety Chuck Yutzie 541-737-8321
Radiation Center Dina Pope 541-737-7052
Recreational Sports Dani Warren 541-737-4307
Recreational Sports Andrew Struthers 541-737-2943
Registrar's Office Shannon Harwood 541-737-6616
Research Office Debbie Delmore 541-737-8390
Research Office Mimi Poitras 541-737-3467
Science, College of Dean's Office Bonnie Johnson 541-737-3875
Sea Grant Linda Larsen 541-737-2714
Seed Laboratory Jodi Keeling 541-737-4803
Seed Laboratory Lisa Higgs 541-737-4801
SMILE Abbe Lougee 541-737-0534
Social & Behavioral Health Nancy Creel 541-737-2686
Sociology Cindy Huddleston 541-737-4167
Space Grant Catherine Lanier 541-737-9944
Statistics Maggie Neel 541-737-1981
Student Care Noni Scherer 541-737-4454
Student Conduct Karen Sloan 541-737-3656
Student Health Services Jim Clark 541-737-9880
Student Health Services Laura Pettit 541-737-9124
Student Involvement Katie Baker 541-737-6339
Student Media Melissa Knowles 541-737-3374
Team Oregon Cheryl Bond 541-737-8379
University Honors College Judy David 541-737-6400
University Housing and Dining Services (UHDS) Chris White 541-737-8178
University Marketing Emma Bramwell 541-737-4717
University Marketing, Publications & Events Ashley Fuszek 541-737-3871
University Ombuds Donetta Sheffold 541-737-7297
University Relations and Marketing Alice Tucker 541-737-4875
University Shared Services Enterprise (USSE) Jolene Shute 541-737-1530
Veterinary Medicine Lorie Kennerly 541-737-6934
Vice Provost for Student Affairs Jodi Nelson 541-737-0715