Information Services provides consolidated wireless network access through the OSU Wireless Network. Hundreds of dual-band (2.4 GHz and 5 GHz) access points give students, faculty, and staff access to the high-speed 802.11n network throughout the campus.

Please note that some laptops and most phones are not equipped to access the higher (5 GHz) band. Laptops require a "dual band adapter" and only the very newest, top-end Android phones include a 5 GHz adapter. Please consult the OSU Computer Helpdesk if you have questions about purchasing equipment that lets you access the high-speed network.

Wireless Networks for ONID and OUS Users

Anyone who has a valid ONID or OUS account will have access to our networks. For more information, please see the Wireless helpdoc page.

  • OSU_Secure is the preferred network for ONID users on campus. It's an encrypted connection which allows for secure online browsing.
  • OSU_Access is an unsecured connection for ONID users on campus that's meant for quick sessions and simple web browsing. For this network, your computer or mobile device should be registered with Maintain so that you don't have to manually sign in to the network with each session.
  • Visitor is a network for brief connections. As the name suggests, this network does not require the user to have an ONID account.
  • eduroam is for visitors from off campus who are members of the eduroam federation.