The purpose of this area is to present past and currently projects in the works or projects desired to be undertaken, where an opportunity exists for collaboration among units throughout the campus. The intention is for anybody interested in these projects to be able to contact the principles and be able to participate or find more information. We will post any project we become aware of so if you have one that you would like posted please contact us.

Current Projects

Past Projects

Account Terminaion Guildlines
ITCC Sponsor: Tammy Barr
Purpose: Obtain information from the different IT units about how they handle account terminations.  Results are posted to assist others in the future when determining their own guidlines.
ResultsFinal Report

Backup Working Group
ITCC Sponsor: Tammy Barr
Working Group Lead: Steve Fowler
Purpose: The mission of the Backup working group is three fold: 

  1. Are our current backup strategies based on full and incremental backups to tape/disk using 3rd party backup software still appropriate given the inexpensive disk arrays currently employed on campus and the likelihood of an exponential increase in storage due to cheap disk availability?           
  2. Is there a disk based backup strategy that will still provide a reasonable the level of availability but at a much lower cost?  If so what are the trade-offs compared to our current approach?  
  3. Assuming a disk based strategy does makes, is there a scale at which such a system could be leveraged by several campus groups in a cost effective way?  Is there a limit to the scale at which such a system is cost effective?

Final Result: The working group provided the following resport. Final Report

Collaborative Documentation Group
ITCC Sponsor: Tammy Barr
Working Group Lead: Lucas Friedrichsen
Purpose:The mission of the Collaborative Documentation work group is to determine the best approach for design and implementation of a central space to store OSU specific IT documentation targeted at students and employees.
Final Result: The working group has implemented a new Drupal website lead by the OSU Computer Helpdesk but managed collaboratively to provide a single up to date source for user documentation.

AD/ONID Consolidation Feasibility
Working Group Lead: Lucas Turpin
Purpose: The AD/ONID working group will determine if it is feasible to consolidate departmentally provided Active Directory user accounts with ONID user accounts, effectively creating a “single account” at OSU.
Final Result: The ITCC forwarded the report with an executive letter to the UITC for implementation consideration. Final Report & September 2010 Update

ITCC Sponsor: Tammy Barr
Working Group Lead: Steve Fowler
Purpose: The encryption working group will help advise the OSU Chief Information Officer on encryption technologies and their most appropriate uses at OSU.
Final Result: OSU Purchased 1000 licenses of PointSec full disk encryption and 500 licenses for media encryption.  The server is managed by the TSS Server Support Group.  Contact Steve Fowler for more information.

Video Security
Working Group Lead: Chris White
Purpose: The video security working group is working with Public Safety to help establish a campus wide standard for video security systems purchased and managed by OSU colleges and departments. The desire of this group is to streamline the process of purchasing and management of video security systems and provide necessary access to Public Safety.
Final Result: An MOU template has been created for use between any department and Public Safety.  A set of equipment standards has been established, contact Public Safety for more information.

Open Office Research
ITCC Sponsor: Tammy Barr
Working Group Lead: James Dudzik
Purpose: Evaluate the costs and functionality trade-offs between moving to Office 2007 and Open Office for staff and faculty on the OSU campus.  Include true costs of moving to an Open Source productivity suite solution, including impact to the organization (training, support, licensing)
Final Report: ITCC - Open Office Report