OSU Accounts and Technologies Guide for Faculty and Staff

Get set up with OSU accounts, consulting resources, classroom technologies, and more

Who Should Use This Faculty & Staff Guide?

This OSU Account & Technologies guide is for new OSU employees, including part-time and student employees, who need to get connected to OSU systems such as employee payroll systems and email. Even if you are already connected to one or more OSU systems, we recommend you go through this guide, anyway, just to be sure you've covered the bases.

If you are associated with OSU in some other capacity (e.g. a vendor or contractor), this document likely does not apply to you. Please check with your OSU contact for details on accessing OSU resources as needed.

If you are a new student, please see the Guide for New Students.

What Does This Guide Cover?

  • Security issues
  • How to get computing help
  • ONID account setup
  • Exchange account setup
  • Settings for your mobile devices
  • Technology and training resources