Project State: 
Project Manager: 
Diana Lindsley
Business Affairs
Friday, July 6, 2018

Development and deployment of an eProcurement system that will offer an online shopping environment for OSU’s contracted goods and services, while providing simultaneous access to enabled catalogs for searches across multiple suppliers and catalogs. The eProcurement system will cover the entire source to settlement process including: Supplier Information Management, Sourcing and Contract Management, online marketplace, Accounts Payable and Spend and Performance Analysis. This phase is to increase trainings and user adoption, and complete Total Contract Management and Sourcing modules.

Status Summary: 

Several training sessions held for departments / units.  General session trainings scheduled starting mid July through end of September. 

User group formed and first meeting held; this group will address Business Center issues, tips, trainings and help increase adoption.

Looking at adopting position based security model (similar to CORE) to help alleviate lengthy and timeconsuming security request process. 



Recently Completed: 

Trainings held for Horticulture (twice), VetMed, on campus Extension - about 70 staff

Working through system issues; some require work from ECS, Jaggaer, and Ellucian

Provided update to Business Center staff on their concerns (survey response)


What's Next: 

Implementation of Contract Request form

Continuing training sessions including general sessions for university

Working system issues; working with ECS,Jaggaer and Elluican to resolve issues

Working with Business Centers to resolve concerns and increase adoption