Project State: 
Project Manager: 
Chris Young
Research Office
Monday, October 9, 2017

The electronic Research Administration (eRA) project provides a cloud-based solution for managing Conflicts of Interest (COI), human subjects research protection (IRB), and animal subjects research protection (IACUC).

Status Summary: 

The COI module passed the Production Validation milestone on 11/29/2017.    There are a handful of tasks remaining, including decomissioning the old system, that are on track to wrap up in December.  We have begun work on the IACUC and ARC modules.  Work to prepare OSU for changes to the IRB Common Rule that takes effect on 1/19/2018 have delyed the start date for the IRB module to late January 2018.

Recently Completed: 

COI: OSRAA report; Old database backup; Production Validation testing and completion of end-to-end process in production. 
IRB: delayed start date to January 2019 to focus on changes to the existing database in preparation for changes to the Common Rule
IACUC: Context diagram; primary review process diagrams; project planning documents (in progress)
ARC: Scoping


What's Next: 

COI: Decommission old system; verify reporting needs are met.

IACUC: Complete current state documentation; Requirements elicitation

ARC: Current state documentation

IRB: Paused - anticipated start date Jan. 2019.