Project State: 
Project Manager: 
Hollie Pitts
Enterprise Computing Services
Monday, October 9, 2017

Deployment of DocuSign as the Electronic Signature product for OSU.

Status Summary: 

DocuSign for OSU now has 3400 Users, of which 325 are senders, and 43 are designers.  Over 10,700 envelopes have been completed, of which 75% were completed in less than 24 hours.

Recently Completed: 

Have started the integration to push signing group members from Outlook lists and shared mailboxes into Docusign.

Continued work with Human Resources on "On Boarding Paperwork" student hires

Met with Ag Research Foundation to discuss use of DocuSign with their business processes

Met with multiple Athletics groups to assist with the building of their initial Templates and Power Forms

CORE report created for DocuSign Users, Templates and Power Forms

What's Next: 

Continued work on the 6 BPR facilitations which are underway

Investigate the DocuSign/Total Contract Manager integration