Project State: 
Project Manager: 
Hollie Pitts
Enterprise Computing Services
Monday, August 14, 2017

Deployment of DocuSign as the Electronic Signature product for OSU.

Status Summary: 

DocuSign for OSU now has 2300 Users, of which 210 are senders, and 40 are designers.  Over 6300 envelopes have been completed, of which 300 were powerforms.

Recently Completed: 

Shared Contacts List daily update program is live.

Labor Distribution pilot is complete, and new spreadsheet and instructions are posted on the OSRAA website

Research Office training was presented

Additional Domains have been claimed

Data Management Request template and powerform are now available in prod.

Presented DocuSign to the Athletics IT staff.

TRES pilot is complete

What's Next: 

Create automatic updates of "signing groups"

BPR analysis for the Motor Pool Driver Authorization Use Request will continue.

Create data pulls of "Tags" for ODS

Communications Allowance Template will be created

We are seeking facilitators for the following Projects:

  • OSU Foundation Signer Sheets
  • OSU Model Release Forms
  • Conditions of Volunteer Service Agreements
  • Unapproved Timesheets
  • US Bank Visa Statements