Project State: 
Project Manager: 
Hollie Pitts
Enterprise Computing Services
Monday, April 10, 2017

Deployment of DocuSign as the Electronic Signature product for OSU.

Status Summary: 

DocuSign is available for use in Production, with 209 users, of which 49 are Senders, 15 are Administrators, and the rest viewers.

Sixteen use requests have been submitted; two of which (Labor Distributions and TRES forms)  have been developed and are in pilot

BPR (Business Process Reengineering) training for BPR facilitators is on going, with the sessions half completed.  Several persons have started the DocuSign Designer training. 

We have held the first campus wide forum, and will co-ordinate with wth e-Procurement implementation team to do presentations of DocuSign during those forums, called listening sessions.

I have a couple of areas of concern: 

  • First, we are without the developer who is needed to create the data downloads for the Data Dictionary, to create tools for downloading images needed for permanent record storage, and to do any other API work necessary to facilitate system integration and reporting. 
  • Second, operational plans for the management of users and implementation of projects are being revised.  These plans will need to be solidified, and the logistics established for product functionality on an on going / permanent basis.
Recently Completed: 

Two DocuSign pilots are under way, Labor Distributions and TRES forms, in which AMBC and UABC are participating.  Half the BPR Facilitator sessions have been completed.  There are now 49 individuals who have been granted "Sender" access in DocuSign,

We have begun to define "approved use" of DocuSign - that is, documents from an OSU employee, to another OSU employee, or OSU Affiliate.  Also, to define uses which are currently unavailable: any communication involving a student's academic record, and contracts related to procurement.

We have held three training consultations for DocuSign Designers (previously called DocuSign Developers), those who will create Templates and PowerForms; with three more scheduled.

What's Next: 

Complete the LEAN training for the BPR facilitators.

Prepare the DocuSign orientation/training for BPR Facilitatios.  We expect to present it in May.

Join the e-Procurement team in presentations at the listening sessions.

Revise current PowerForms available on the website to reflect the change in approving suggested DocuSign implementations

 A revision of the DocuSign Website

Begin the design for the use of Grouper to create DocuSign Groups

Begin training another developer to work on the Data Dictionary which has been delayed due to the unavailability of our intended developer