Project State: 
Project Manager: 
Hollie Pitts
Enterprise Computing Services
Monday, June 12, 2017

Deployment of DocuSign as the Electronic Signature product for OSU.

Status Summary: 

DocuSign for OSU now has 1000 Users, of which 146 are senders, and 39 are designers.  Over 2200 envelopes have been completed, of which 253 were powerforms.

Thirty use requests have been submitted; two of which  (Labor Distributions and TRES forms)  have been in pilot for several weeks, and should become "generally released" shortly.  A travel pre-authorization from developed for the library is in use.

The proposal from DocuSign to train API developers,has been changed to a 1 day, on site, training, which we are attempting to schedule for June 28.

Presentations have been made to two more business centers and to Business Affairs, with another scheduled for Business Affairs later on June 20

Recently Completed: 

The two DocuSign pilots, Labor Distributions and TRES forms, are wrapping up. A special DocuSign Designer training was conducted for those who had completed the  BPR Lean Facilitator training sessions last month.

As stated above, there are now 146 individuals who have been granted "Sender" access in DocuSign, and 39 with Designer access; over 2200 DocuSign envelopes have been completed, of which and 253 were power forms.

We continue to hold training sessions for  DocuSign Designers (previously called DocuSign Developers), those who will create Templates and PowerForms.

Our DocuSign representatives visited OSU for a day, which provided an opportunity for us to learn about their road map, and enabled us to provide some of our feedback to them.  it was a productive session.

One additional domain has been claimed, and we are considering claiming others.

What's Next: 

Hold, the training for API Developers (and some additional developers from outside of ECS)

Finalize the revision of the DocuSign Website, which started last month

Create the shared contact list, to enable users to "pick" an address for a recipient, which will assist with reaching recipients whose "primary" email address is not the one they commonly use.

Another introductory presentation of  DocuSign for Business Affairs.