Project State: 
Project Manager: 
Jill Swenson
Enterprise Computing Services
Friday, August 11, 2017

Migration from Brocade to Netscaler load balancers and adjustment of logging to address security needs.

Phase 1: Hardware migration--move all services from Brocade to Netscaler switches before October 24 (when Brocade HW maintenance expires).

Phase 2: Address security request for more effective logging

Status Summary: 

LDAP servers now fully migrated to the Netscaler.  Cleaning up a few lingering systems still accessing LDAP through the Brocade load balancers, after which we can decommision the Brocade load balancers and mark this project complete.

Recently Completed: 

Migrated LDAP servers from Brocade LBs to Netscalers.

    What's Next: 

    Redirect systems still accessing LDAP through Brocade LBs

    Decommision Brocade load balancers