Project State: 
Project Manager: 
Johan Reinalda ?
Infrastructure Operations
Monday, April 9, 2018

Migration of IS managed workstations, printers, Academic Technology supported devices, video devices and data centers from Old Core to New Core infrastructure. General campus wide new core migrations are reported as well.

Status Summary: 

Continued progress with CN, IS-AT, SHS & Facilities. Slowly moving toward the end goa!  End-of-Life of the Old Core network has been announced as June 30, 2018...

The list of buildings enabled for "new core" is here.

Recently Completed: 
  • Continued, but slow, progress with CN, IS-AT, and Facilities.
  • Several other groups moving slowly.
  • June 30, 2018 End-of-Life date accounced for Old Core
What's Next: 
  • continue work with CN, IS-AT, Athletics, SHS, and Facilities to complete migration of their services.
  • pro-actively reaching out to DCA's for remaining campus customers on old core, to continue to work on the two remaining old core router subnets. Target removal is slipping to June 30, 2018