Project State: 
Project Manager: 
Johan Reinalda ?
Infrastructure Operations
Friday, June 9, 2017

Migration of IS managed workstations, printers, Academic Technology supported devices, video devices and data centers from Old Core to New Core infrastructure. General campus wide new core migrations are reported as well.

Status Summary: 

CN migrations continue to make good progress.

Cosine migration is nearly complete  (target is Spring 2017).

IS-AT & Facilities are working diligently on removing their services from all buildings around campus.

Athletics workstation migration nearly complete, some left in Reser and Valley Gymnastics.

Foundation and Alumni merger to new core is prepped on the core network side; next steps working with Foundation engineers.

The list of buildings enabled for "new core" is here.

Recently Completed: 
  • Pharmacy, Kerr (Research) finished.
  • continued Cosine progress in Nash, Cordley, Milam, Weniger, etc.
  • VetMed progressing in Magruder.
  • SHS new firewall migrated to new core.
  • Foundation private network created and ready for Alumni merging.
  • Forestry HJ-Andrews connection migrated to new core.
  • many Electrical Vehicle related devices (charging stations, etc.) migrated
  • Athletics in Gill
What's Next: 
  • VetMed server migration in Magruder
  • continue with SHS migration
  • merge Alumni Association into Foundation network (Foundation to perform)
  • Complete activities in Gilkey, Milam, Kidder, etc.
  • complete new printer roll-out in new core.
  • work with AT and Facilities to complete migration of their services
  • work with CN to continue migrating CN customers
  • continue migration of Athletics workstations (Reser, Valley Gymnastics, etc.)

    Target is to remove two additional old core routers in Summer 2017.