Project State: 
Project Manager: 
John Borwick, TD consultant
Client Services
Monday, March 13, 2017

Deploy software supporting ITIL methodologies and use it to improve business processes and provide IT service to our customers.

Desired results include:
- Clarifying who to contact for support and service requests
- Handling complex service requests without requiring customers to place separate requests to multiple teams
- Reduce unnecessary support interruptions to developers
- Deploy a common, integrated toolset to handle ticketed work throughout IT

Status Summary: 

Client Services, Server Support Web and Mobile Services, Information Security Office are currently using TeamDynamix. Shared Infrastructure Group, and Identity and Access Management are also utilizing TD, minus e-mail intake.

Enabled client portal to allow customers to view their tickets.

Project Manager switched from Chris Sinnett to John Borwick, TD consultant.

Initial meeting with Academic Technology Directors for the transition.

Meeting with Enterprise Computing Directors scheduled.

On-boarding NOC next.

Recently Completed: 
  • TD e-mail SMTP outage due to Amazon AWS. Communication to OSU TD users, feedback to vendor about redundancy, resiliency, monitoring, etc.
  • Client Portal enablement and deployment.
  • E-mail service improvements with increased monitoring.
  • Attended 3 day IT Service management conference.
    • Met with TD Director of Customer Success to provide feedback.
  • Integration improvements between Banner and TD, primarily related to phone numbers.
  • More known issues/hiccups and workarounds added to our TD knowledgebase.
  • ITSM / TD steering committee met in late February. Another meeting scheduled for March 22nd.
  • Joined the TeamDynamix Service Management Advisory Group to provide input about the product direction.
  • Discussions with various stakeholders about changes to the standard e-mail templates.
  • Gather information from NOC about their peer review process, build, first draft tested, refinements in-progress.
  • Met with Academic Technologies Directors to explain the data needed to start their on-boarding and transition process.
  • Met with Brandon Wells about concerns related to Telecomm inventory needs, workflows, etc.
What's Next: 

On-board and train NOC.

Investigate ability for TD to create a ticket/work order in Pinnacle.

Continue work on integration / data load of Buildings and Rooms from Banner/Facilities.

Meet with ECS Directors to explain the data needed for on-boarding and gather as much as possible.

Develop an on-going training program.

Work with TD consultant on the impact of the software release scheduled for April 15th.