Project State: 
Project Manager: 
Lucas Friedrichsen
Client Services
Monday, September 11, 2017

Deploy software supporting ITIL methodologies and use it to improve business processes and provide IT service to our customers.

Desired results include:

- Clarifying who to contact for support and service requests

- Handling complex service requests without requiring customers to place separate requests to multiple teams

- Reduce unnecessary support interruptions to developers

- Deploy a common, integrated toolset to handle ticketed work throughout IT

Status Summary: 

Phase 1 / deployment is essentially complete.

Working with ECS - Administrative Computing Team on TD intake forms and rollout to customers.

Integration between TeamDynamix and PCR360 for Telecom.

Service Catalog additions to TeamDynamix from the templates filled out by IS management groups. Work on IS site progressing to display services and link to service requests.

Recently Completed: 
  • IT Service Management update at IS Managers Forum
  • Discussion with, and feedback to vendor about search functionality
What's Next: 
  • E-mail template / branding changes
  • Service Catalog / service request forms for the groups
  • CN inventory -> TD Asset management - transition planning
  • Helpdocs to TD Knowledgebase (separate project)
  • Continued refinement within TD. Examples include - request forms, task templates, Asset management, Change management, Knowledgebase.