Project State: 
Project Manager: 
John Borwick, TD consultant
Client Services
Monday, June 12, 2017

Deploy software supporting ITIL methodologies and use it to improve business processes and provide IT service to our customers.

Desired results include:
- Clarifying who to contact for support and service requests
- Handling complex service requests without requiring customers to place separate requests to multiple teams
- Reduce unnecessary support interruptions to developers
- Deploy a common, integrated toolset to handle ticketed work throughout IT

Status Summary: 

Canvas groups from AT and ECS, Software Distribution, AT - Clickers Support, Managed Communication Services - on-boarded.

ECS Ops, Technology Across the Curriculum, Telecom - on-board dates scheduled.

Service Catalog work is progressing by IS Executives and their management teams. That is a separate project managed by Polly Millet.

Recently Completed: 
  • Groups on boarded
    • Canvas groups from AT and ECS
    • Software Distribution
    • AT - Clickers Support
    • Managed Communication Services
  • Draft of Telecomm web forms to replace SharePoint web form.
  • ITSM / TD steering committee met in late May. Another meeting scheduled for Wednesday June 21st.
What's Next: 
  • Groups onboard scheduled
    • ECS Ops
    • Technology Across the Cirriculum
  • Additional groups
    • Remainder of ECS
    • Student Multimedia Services
    • Change Advisory Board
  • E-mail template/branding changes