Information Services seeks to communicate with the OSU community about the changes we make to the IT systems that we manage. Our goal is to manage, maintain, and upgrade systems in a thoughtful way so that we minimize negative impact to services and customers.

Achieving this goal requires that we plan changes carefully, consult with members of the community regarding planned changes, and respond to unplanned changes systematically to ensure minimal downtime.

Change Management is the formal term for defining our policies and processes. Please read about the Change Management & Incident Response Project page for additional background about this initiative.

Change Advisory Board

The Change Advisory Board (CAB) convened in December, 2012 and began drafting appropriate processes for changes and incidents. As basic processes are defined, the CAB will begin performing its function as a change review body even as it continues to define and refine change processes.

CAB membership currently consists of:

Raul Burriel - Chair / primary representative, Academic Technology

Mike Akey - Co-chair / primary representative, IT Infrastructure and Identity Services

Max Cohen - Chair emeritus / primary representative, Client Services

Michael McDonald - primary representative, Web and Mobile Services

Moustafa ElBadry Shaker - primary representative, Office of Information Security

Reed Byers - primary representative, Enterprise Computing Services

Francisco Orozco, Jr. - primary representative, Networking and Telecommunications

Todd Soli - secondary representative, Academic Technology

vacant - secondary representative, IT Infrastructure and Identity Services

vacant - secondary representative, Client Services

Matthew Brabham - secondary representative, Web and Mobile Services

vacant - secondary representative, Enterprise Computing Services

vacant - secondary representative, Networking and Telecommunications

Change Policies

These policies apply only to services and systems owned by OSU Information Services.

The Incident Response policy does not apply to Security Incidents, which are covered by the Information Security Manual section 502: Incident Response and Escalation.