The Server Support team manages enterprise IT and networking services such as Active Directory and Microsoft Exchange. The team also provides managed server administration and managed file services for departments.

Services for DCAs

Here are a list of services that are typically provided to Departmental Computer Administrators, who in turn support them for their individual customers.

  • Central Antivirus (AV) 
  • Central Key Management Service (KMS)
  • Full Disk Encryption (FDE)
  • Terminal Services
  • Windows Software Update Services

Server Support provides the following:

Active Directory (AD) is a directory service that holds user accounts, computer accounts and groups, and stores security information for those objects.

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Information Services maintains a variety of software licenses that can be obtained by the OSU community for academic use.

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Information Services offers a variety of options for hosting and consultation on databases.

  • IS provides some initial consultation on database hosting for the Oracle MySQL database and provides MySQL database hosting for applications developed by Central Web Services.
  • IS also offer an environment for departments to use MS SQL 2005 or 2008 without having to purchase server hardware, software, and licensing. SQL Maintenance and backups are included with the service, which costs $40 per month per database.

There are also a number of free services provided by other commercial providers that may meet your needs for database hosting. An example of this is

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Domain names are human-friendly names that are given to Internet Protocol (IP) addresses. At Oregon State University, a website can have either a custom domain, such as "" or a third-level domain, which is pre-pended in front of the oregonstate domain, such as "".

Information Services is responsible for implementing and/or delegating Domain Name Service (DNS) for ALL systems connected to the campus network and for coordinating this service with other campus units. DNS provides mapping between domain names and their IP addresses used for routing of network traffic to all destinations.

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Information Services provides a few different options for Email services at Oregon State University:

  • Microsoft Exchange Mailbox Hosting
  • FS_Mail
  • Email Lists (Mailman)
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Shared file space is available to any unit that needs a network location to store and share files. This includes both departmental shared and/or personal file space.

The servers are backed up daily and backups are maintained for six months for restoration purposes.

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Oregon State University is the home of many diverse technical environments and learning areas. Occasionally, a unit will need to provide a service that is unique and isn't currently available anywhere else on campus. If a server is required to host that service, Information Services can help manage the server providing a reliable, one-stop-shop support structure.

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Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server is a web-based collaboration tool that allows teams to create password-protected content repositories, collaborate on Microsoft Office documents, manage and perform advanced searches on relevant content, and create business processes and forms. Users access content via a portal that utilizes Active Directory security.

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MS SQL Server is a database management system that supports Microsoft's version of SQL (Structured Query Language). It has commonly been used by businesses for small to medium size databases. On campus its main use has been for data storage for third party applications and websites.

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Information Services offers low-cost, fault-tolerant VMware Virtual Machine hosting. Both of our systems use VMware ESX and Dell 2950 PowerEdge servers. You can get standard, individual VMware Virtual Machines, or we can implement a customized dedicated VMware server environment to meet your needs.

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