Oregon State University is the home of many diverse technical environments and learning areas. Occasionally, a unit will need to provide a service that is unique and isn't currently available anywhere else on campus. If a server is required to host that service, Information Services can help manage the server providing a reliable, one-stop-shop support structure.

We provide the following:

  • Installation of the server in one of two data centers. Each data center provides adequate power, including generator backup power, air conditioning, and physical security.
  • Installation of the base operating system and assistance with configuring the service application if required.
  • Patch management for the operating system and assistance with updating the service application.
  • Monitoring of the server on a 24x7 basis.
  • Assistance in troubleshooting operating system and application errors.
  • Consultation for additional services on existing hardware or new servers. Assistance with migrating to new hardware.

Note: If servers are located off campus any travel to or from an external site will be charged to the department as Special Project time plus the standard OSU per diem reimbursement for the Server Administrator. Support for 3rd party applications is considered a Special Project if our technicians are unable to resolve in the issue in 15 minutes unless otherwise specified in the support contract.