Must be an @onid, @oregonstate, or other official OSU email address
Course Info
Including yourself, how many students are involved with this project? If multiple students are involved, you will need to provide the OSU IDs of everyone involved when you pick up your print order.
Please select the type of print order you wish to place.
for example, 36" x 40"
Lamination is available ONLY for 36" or smaller poster.
Reminder, the first two copies of your thesis are printed free of charge. Extra color prints cost $0.15 per page and extra B/W prints cost $0.07 per page. So, for example, if your thesis includes 100 B/W pages and 1 color page, an extra copy of the entire thesis would cost $7.15.
The first two copies of your thesis, printed on 25% cotton paper, are free of charge.
Example: 3 copies of page 18
The first five standard paper copies are free of charge per assignment, double-sided, no folding. For group projects, a maximum of 10 students may order 5 free copies per project (i.e. we'll print 20 copies free for a project involving 4 students, 50 copies free for a project involving 10 students, etc.). OSU ID number for each student in the group will need to be provided before picking up your order.