• This form is for print orders only. For scanning orders, video/audio editing, or other production inquiries, place orders at the SMS desk in the Valley Library.
  • Currently there is a 50 MB file size limit. For best results, you may compress your file(s) into the .ZIP format. For files larger than 50 MB, save them to a thumb drive and bring it to the SMS desk in the Valley Library.
  • Normal Turnaround Our standard turnaround time is two full business days, Monday-Friday. (Example: student A submits a job at 3:00pm on Friday, the job would be finished by 3:00pm the following Tuesday; student B submits a job at 5:10pm on Friday, the job would be finished by 9:00am the following Wednesday).  SMS strives to exceed this turnaround, but it is not guaranteed. 
  • If you need a rush order, do NOT use this webform Depending on staff availability, a rush order may be possible for an additional fee of $50. Contact SMS Production at 541-737-7964 to determine if a rush order is currently available. 
Must be an @onid, @oregonstate, or other official OSU email address
Course Info
for example, 36" x 40"
What operating system was used create this file to print?
Lamination is available ONLY for 36" or smaller poster.