Strategic Statement

Standardizing training and administrative tools will allow IS to maintain continuity in our overall approach to supporting any OSU-owned computing desktop, including Community Network customer devices, shared computer lab workstations, and laptops and tablets available via our equipment checkout. While the use cases of these environments vary, the common factor remains that they all involve the management and support of OSU-owned computers that require the same operating systems and deployment of a specific set of software packages.


Student Computing Facilities, Community Network, and equipment checkout merged under the same divisional umbrella in late Fall 2013. This realignment aligns our desktop computing strategy and allows us to coordinate desktop and tablet management. We will develop and implement standardized platforms and processes based on operating systems for imaging and maintaining these computing environments for our users. Standardizing our approach, including the tools we use to administer service and the training necessary to support our clients, helps to ensure that IS maintains continuity in our overall approach to supporting any OSU-owned computing desktop.


  • Develop and mature our approach for supporting Mac OS computer desktops
  • Mature our approach for Windows OS desktop management
  • Research, develop, and implement an approach for supporting tablet environments, including iOS, Android, and Windows
  • Evaluate needs for other OS desktop environments, including Linux
  • Invest in enterprise-level desktop management software tools
  • Invest in training employees on the use of these desktop management tools
  • Document processes and procedures
  • Develop policy for the end-of-life of operating systems


  • Scott Emery, Director of Client Services