Strategic Statement

High speed network connectivity is essential for OSU researchers to share very large data sets and collaborate with both on campus and national research partners. Work in all scientific disciplines is more and more dependent on large data sets and research areas such as Genomics, Climate Science, and general Biological Science are now regularly working with data at the Terabyte and Petabyte scale. In order to effectively share this data and participate in these fields of study, the capacity of our underlying network must grow by orders of magnitude.


OSU will create a dedicated research network designed to fulfill the architecture and performance requirements for integrating with federal research networks, with a 100 Gbps connection between OSU Corvallis and Internet2, 10 Gbps connections at a minimum to major off-campus research sites, and 40 Gbps between campus data centers and major laboratories. As the national vision for research network architectures has been aligned with the emerging network technologies being adopted for computing clouds--OpenFlow and Software Defined Networking--the research network will be a testbed and model for the University's Data Center and Enterprise networks.

Project Updates & Timeline

Please visit the Research Network project management page for updates and details.


Plans for the research network need to take into account plans for the overall OSU Network including upgrades and re-architectures planned to better meet the University’s needs, along with potential to incorporate Software Defined Networking technologies into the Data Center in support of Virtual Server and Storage systems.

Feature Story

NSF Grant Funds Advanced IT Infrastructure Development


  • Jon Dolan, IT Infrastructure Services