Strategic Statement

As Oregon State University redefines the model of the 21st century land grant university, we are actively assessing our methods of instructional delivery and the tools needed to help faculty deliver quality instruction and to help students meet desired learning outcomes. Following a faculty and administration survey and investigation of educational technology trends at peer institutions nationwide, Information Services is embarking on a comprehensive review process of learning technology platforms that will engage the OSU teaching and learning community. Such a process will enable us to select a system or build a portfolio of applications that best serves OSU's needs for innovation, flexibility and performance.


OSU will create an RFP and evaluation process that will solicit broad vendor and community participation. At the end of the process, OSU will have developed a transition plan to the selected Learning Management System. That system will align with teaching and learning expectations, have the power and flexibility to meet diverse needs, and leave our communities well positioned to adopt and integrate innovative solutions to support communication and collaboration.

Timeline - Learning Management System Assessment








Issue RFP






Evaluate Vendor Proposals






"Live" Sandbox Evaluations






Select LMS






Publish Transition Plan


  • Deliverable 1 - Several committees and technical resources will participate in vendor proposal evaluations, and the deliverable will be a short list of top candidates.

  • Deliverable 2 - The short list of candidates will be invited to implement their systems in a "sandbox" environment. OSU students, instructors and staff will be encouraged to conduct hands-on evaluation and provide feedback. In addition instructors will be encouraged and supported to teach part or all of a S2014 course in a sandbox environment.

  • Deliverable 3 - Work with the vendor to develop a successful and fully supported transition plan to the selected LMS.


Failure to provide OSU faculty and students access to rich learning environments.

Feature Story

OSU Announces Learning Management System Assessment Initiative


  • Oversight: David Barber

  • Governance: John Greydanus

  • Project Lead: Lynn Greenough