We are in a time of staggering change. New educational and business models are redefining the academy, and OSU is itself redefining the model of a 21st century land grant university. OSU must have a technology ecosystem that not only enables scholarship and learning, but creates an environment in which innovation and academic excellence thrives.

Our Five Year Strategic Plan

With our five year Strategic Plan, we envision a robust, scalable, and adaptable IT ecosystem that:

  • gives you access to a rich array of media and applications, anytime and anywhere
  • enables big data that's actionable and true
  • lets you share, discuss, and remix your data using any device
  • shifts the innovation curve for technology even as we lower our costs and risks

We invite you to learn more about the IT Strategic Plan and the high priority projects in development that will help us fulfill the University's core goals.

IT Roadmap & Operating Plan

To meet the goals presented in the strategic plan, Information Services, in collaboration with and in support of OSU partners, will complete a set of initiatives that further the University’s mission. View the entire list of our initiatives at the IT Roadmap or select a currently active project from the dropdown menu.

OSU communities use technology to learn, create, and innovate more effectively.

We connect people and knowledge to drive progress.