Strategic Statement

OSU's essential systems support the educational, research, and community mission of the University. Developers spent thousands of hours of writing a vast array of interfaces that move data between systems. These interfaces were usually completed by different people, using different tools, with varying levels of effort to sustain these interfaces. Our evaluation of data integration tools has proven that the introduction of an industrial-strength middleware toolset can dramatically improve how data is managed between systems.


We can rapidly build/replace existing data interfaces in a fraction of the time it took to originally build and sustain these very same data interfaces. We can then extract, load, transform, merge, monitor and proactively manage how data propagates between systems at OSU/OUS. We can build data warehouses or extend data warehouses with data from a wide array of data repositories using this data integration tool set. We can also support the rapid deployment of new systems (on premise or cloud solutions) using these tools. We can utilize pre-fabricated connectors available from software companies and the user community to sustain the ease of data integrations. Furthermore, we can also design tool kits that allow others to rapidly build their own integrations and bring those into a central data management console for monitoring and error management.

Timeline - Data Integration
2013 2014
Fall Winter Spring Summer Fall
Install Jaspersoft/Talend        
  Build first integrations      
    Define operational procedures and policies    
      Release first Jasper/Talend toolkit  
        Develop / migrate old interfaces


  • The deployment of Jaspersoft (part of the CORE initiative) will provide OSU a commercial version of Talend that can be configured as our initial production environment.
  • Pilot data integration development
  • Toolkit development
  • Manage the review of all Open Studio data integrations developed both centrally and both other non-IS units. These data integrations will need to be tested and checked-in for a more broad general release
  • Develop operational procedures and policies for how these data integrations will be scheduled, monitored, managed, and supported


  • BI Tools/Data Integration: Michael Hansen, Kent Kuo
  • Data Integration Development: Lance Duddlesten, Mark Baldwin, Eddy Beamer, Annie Leeson
  • Governance: Kent Kuo
  • Oversight: Lois Brooks