Strategic Statement

Students and faculty are best served by being able to access OSU software for teaching and homework from their own computers, as well as from multiple OSU-managed computers on campus, by leveraging the use of an OSU-owned software license from either device. IS aims to provide for this ability while remaining in compliance with vendor licensing agreements, and to evaluate software license usage university-wide in order to make decisions that are fiscally sound and support our curricular needs.


IS will take a leadership role in evaluating software license usage across the university. A crucial component of this role is reaching out to both academic and business units to investigate where consolidation of software is feasible. The purpose of this work is to take advantage of any potential reductions in software licensing.

IS will also work with our software vendors to ensure our licensing agreements are in compliance. We will investigate how we can offer our software licenses through virtual means to support a user's ability to access an OSU-owned software license through either a personally-owned or an OSU-owned computer.

Timeline - Next Generation Application Delivery: Software Licensing
2013 2014
Fall Winter Spring Summer Fall
  Gather Software Usage Metrics    
      Evaluate Licensing Options  


  • Investigate software licensing options for virtualized environments
  • Evaluate software usage metrics to determine which titles to invest in
  • Coordinate and plan with software requesters/users to determine needs and develop a shared understanding relative to software families and ways to better leverage software investments
  • Determine the "best fit" delivery mechanism for delivering software licenses to client-owned computers


  • Audits by software vendors; not complying with vendor software licensing requirements, particularly in virtualized environments
  • Purchasing software license numbers that aren't aligned with actual usage; over-spending
  • Software licensing models that are cost prohibitive to virtualized delivery


  • Scott Emery, Director of Client Services