Active Projects

Titlesort descending Status Status Summary Reported
Box Implementation Green

Box groups development is underway and is estimated to be delivered during Spring term.  Automation of deprovisioning remains on hold.

eProcurement Green

In addiiton to working through the Action Items list created at Focus Group I, we are working on Banner integrations with our OSU team, Ellucian, Huron and Jaggaer in preparation for Focus Group II, which is scheduled for mid-May 2017.

Vendor/Supplier enablement efforts are underway, and we have also started outreach efforts for internal suppliers at OSU.  System testing for electronic transmission and supplier connectivity has begun (punchout catalog activity).

Outreach efforts are expanding, in preparation for Focus Group II and project pilot (summer 2017). We continue to reach out to Colleges, Departments and Programs for information gathering meetings and system introduction presentations.  The first full campus listening session is scheduled for April 25, 2017.

eRA Research Office Software Deployment Green

The electronic Research Administration (eRA) project involves three modules, one for managing Conflicts of Interest (COI), one for human research protection (IRB), and one for animal research protection (IACUC, “eye-ah-cook”).  The COI module work is about 2/3 complete, IACUC is about 10%, and IRB is about 5%.  Have contracted a project manager to complete deploying the COI module, and will hire a permanent project manager to lead the IACUC and IRB modules.

eSignature Green

DocuSign is available for use in Production, with 209 users, of which 49 are Senders, 15 are Administrators, and the rest viewers.

Sixteen use requests have been submitted; two of which (Labor Distributions and TRES forms)  have been developed and are in pilot

BPR (Business Process Reengineering) training for BPR facilitators is on going, with the sessions half completed.  Several persons have started the DocuSign Designer training. 

We have held the first campus wide forum, and will co-ordinate with wth e-Procurement implementation team to do presentations of DocuSign during those forums, called listening sessions.

I have a couple of areas of concern: 

  • First, we are without the developer who is needed to create the data downloads for the Data Dictionary, to create tools for downloading images needed for permanent record storage, and to do any other API work necessary to facilitate system integration and reporting. 
  • Second, operational plans for the management of users and implementation of projects are being revised.  These plans will need to be solidified, and the logistics established for product functionality on an on going / permanent basis.
IAM - Account Unification Green

Forestry completed one unification batches in March, have none scheduled yet for April and have approximately 60 users remaining.  Athletics is completing their first end user (non-IT staff) unification on 4/10.  At this point, few accounts outside of Athletics and Forestry remain un-unified. 

Load Balancer Migration Yellow

Final migrations from Brocade to Netscaler progressing: secure.onid has moved, login service in progress (being configured), and LDAP will move last.

Localist Deployment

Project is in pre-planning definition stage.  Currently estimating resource requirements, identifying sponsorship and establishing scope.

Mobile App Green

The app was released on March 22nd and announced to faculty and staff via email.  The feedback we have received is strongly positive, and will help us have a smooth launch for students.  We are currently planning to announce the app to stdents the week of 4/24, and are planning to roll the app to incorporate the new University branding specifications at that time.

Multifactor Authentication Green

Project continues in discovery and planning mode.  Options for configuring authentication have completed testing.  Recommendations for implementation strategy are being developed.

New Core Migration Green

CN migrations completed migration in Valley Library, WB, GIlkey.

Cosine is progressing nicely in Gilkey, Kidder, and Milam, and AT is working through thsoe buildings as well. Still expected to complete Spring 2017.

AT & Facilities are working diligently on removing their services from all buildings around campus.

New printer roll-out is done in new core.

The New Core is now enabled in 134 campus buildings.

The list of buildings enabled for "new core" is here.

TeamDynamix Deployment Green

Network Operations Center - started using TD on Tuesday April 4th.

Academic Technology - Media Services - started using TD on Friday April 7th.

Service Catalog work is progressing by IS Executives and their management teams.

TeamDynamix 9.5 will be released on Saturday April 15th. Information about the changes will be shared shortly and again 1 day before the change.