Active Projects

Title Status Status Summary Reportedsort descending
New Core Migration Green

Infrastructure Operations worked with teams from AT, CN, NOS, and Valley Library and completed migration in Valley Library.

Library, Milne and Kerr have a total of 5 old core hosts left. Furman migration is complete. Gilkey, Kidder, and Milam are expected to complete Spring 2017.

The New Core is now enabled in 134 campus buildings.

The list of buildings enabled for "new core" is here.

eProcurement Green

Configuration for the Supplier Management Module is at ~95% and the eProcurement & Accounts Payable Modules are at ~70%. The first of two Focus Group events was held March 7-8, 2017.  Focus Group members, which included representatives from Business Centers, Business Affairs and Procurement and Contract Services, provided critical analysis of the current configuration and developed an action items list forto the solution configuration and business processes for identifying key challenges and action items that should be considered in configurations efforts.

In addition to on-going design and configuration meetings, Advisory Group meetings and Executive Steering Committee meetings, engagement activities has included targeted presentations for ITCC, DCA, Cosine IT, and COB.  Additional targeted presentations and campus listening session scheduling is in process.

eSignature Green

DocuSign is available for use in Production, with 102 DocuSign users in Prod.

Fifteen use requests have been submitted; and two departments are beginning to use DocuSign to initiate one time signing requests. 

BPR (Business Process Reengineering) training will start this week for 24 BPR facilitators; and DocuSign Developer training will start at the end of March. 

We have met with the DCAs,  the ITCC, the Faculty Senate Executive Committee to inform them about DocuSign.  Campus wide forums will start this week.

Box Implementation Yellow

The two remaining deliverables on this project are account deprovisioning and Box group management.  Box groups development is underway and is estimated to be delivered during Spring term.  Automation of deprovisioning remains on hold.

Localist Deployment

Project is in pre-planning definition stage.  Currently estimating resource requirements, identifying sponsorship and establishing scope.

TeamDynamix Deployment Green

Client Services, Server Support Web and Mobile Services, Information Security Office are currently using TeamDynamix. Shared Infrastructure Group, and Identity and Access Management are also utilizing TD, minus e-mail intake.

Enabled client portal to allow customers to view their tickets.

Project Manager switched from Chris Sinnett to John Borwick, TD consultant.

Initial meeting with Academic Technology Directors for the transition.

Meeting with Enterprise Computing Directors scheduled.

On-boarding NOC next.

Load Balancer Migration Yellow

Bad known IP blocking now in place.  Moving remaining services from Brocade to Netscaler delayed due to resource unavailability (jury duty).  Rescheduling remaining migrations.

Multifactor Authentication Green

MFA functions have been installed in development SSO and are working in per user mode.  Procedures for user onboarding, device registration, and authentication methods are under review.  Discussions are underway with Human Resources regarding mandatory usage for some employees and potential Employee Relations issues.

IAM - Account Unification Green

Forestry completed two small unification batches in in February, have none scheduled for March, and have approximately 60 users remaining.  Athletics unified their IT staff on 3/13 in preparation for unifying the rest of their accounts.  At this point, few accounts outside of Athletics and Forestry remain un-unified. 

eRA Research Office Software Deployment Green

The electronic Research Administration (eRA) project involves three modules, one for managing Conflicts of Interest (COI), one for human research protection (IRB), and one for animal research protection (IACUC, “eye-ah-cook”).  The COI module work is about 2/3 complete, IACUC is about 10%, and IRB is about 5%.  Have contracted a project manager to complete deploying the COI module, and will hire a permanent project manager to lead the IACUC and IRB modules.

Mobile App Green

The app was released on March 22nd and a message was sent to faculty and staff.  The app is currently availale for both iOS and Android.  If all goes well, we will begin promoting the app to students in a few weeks.